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Profit from History: See Patterns; Make Predictions; Better Your Life
by Roger Bourke White Jr.

The goal of this book is to get history working for you.

I mean this in both senses of the word work: working, as in, you can understand it better; and working, as in, that understanding will bring you benefits -- you can exploit your understanding to take advantage of upcoming opportunities, and to sleep better at nights because the world you live in is a more understandable and predictable place.

These are the goals of this book.

Roger's Business and Insight Series

Roger White is a careful observer of life and people, and he's done so from many interesting perspectives. He was a soldier in Vietnam in the 60's, an engineering student at MIT in the 70's, a computer networking pioneer in the 80's, and a teacher in Korea in the 90's.

Roger now forecasts business, political and social trends using the concepts presented in this book.